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Class BootCamp Wikis

Engineering Expo IoT Lab Exhibits Sign-up

  • Engineering Expo is April 15-16, Friday and Saturday 9a-2p
  • Helping at the IoT Lab Exhibit is a requirement for the Lab
  • Sign-up for the two-hour block of time on the sign-up form
  • Sign-up Form
  • The following will be exhibited. Each project team make sure your Expo exhibit is ready to go on Thursday evening. Have a project summary sheet for the project so other student helping will want what to say about your project.
    • Smart and Connect Home
    • Safe Cycle
    • Guardian Vital Detector
    • Smart Gym
    • Smart Shoe
    • Oculus Rift/Leap Motion

2016 Spring Poster Presentation 4/28 3-5pm at the WID

  • Final Poster Due 4/18 for review and printing
  • Research Projects use new poster template. Use the template outline to create new content.
  • Research Project Template available at this link
  • Continuing Project use same template as the Mid-Semester Presentation
  • Email Poster Powerpoint file to Dr. Yen (
  • You are encourage to send poster early to Dr. Yen so several iteration of review is possible.

2016 Spring Mandatory Mid-Semester Project Presentation

  • Wednesday, March 16 5-7pm, ME3153.
  • Follow the instruction in the "Mid-Term Presentation Guidelines" section on the Lab Wiki below.
  • All projects (continuing and New) should use the "Design Project template" not "Demo Project template".
  • Send Dr. Yen ( a draft of the poster by Friday 3/11. Comments will be provided by the end of day on Monday 3/14

2016 Spring Mandatory IBM Bluemix Boot Camp

  • Feb 24, 4-6pm, in ME3153 (UW IoT Lab)
  • Before coming to the boot camp, create an IBM Bluemix account with your student E-mail address: Go to the link and click "Sign-Up"
  • Please, also bring your own laptops so you can directly connect to the Bluemix Cloud platform to create displays and controls
  • Pizza provided

Updating your Project Wiki

  • You will get an email from the Lab Wiki with your account login information.
  • When you get the project approval from Dr. Yen, update your wiki with the content of your Goals, Outcome, Workplan
  • Follow the template for your wiki layout, EXAMPLE PROJECT (Template)
  • For help with using the Wiki, click on the Help link along the Left side of the page.

2016 Spring New Projects

NOTE: The project IDs have changed.

2016 Spring Continuing Projects

2016 Spring New Project Requirements

  • Must register for 1 credit 699 independent study with Prof Veeramani.
  • Each project has a wiki to document progress and process - Follow Template example
  • Define goals and outcomes for this semester.
  • Everything you do needs to answer these questions.
    • What are the questions/issues being addressed?
    • Why is this an important question/issue?
    • What are the findings from your research?
    • What are the implications of these findings for companies/consumers?
  • Create Workplan to answer these questions taking into consideration your available time.
  • Identify all needed materials and equipment, and ordering information.
  • Maintain Issue Management
  • Email above content in a Word document to Dr. Yen
  • After Approval, put document content on the project wiki.

2016 Spring Important Dates

  • March 10-11, Transcend Madison Competition
  • March 16, 5-7pm, Mid-Semester Project Presentation
  • April 15-16, Engineering Expo
  • April 28, 3-5pm, Poster Presentation for Industry Event.

2016 Spring New Project assignments

2016 Spring New Project Kick-Off

  • Slides from the meeting available here

List of Skills Modules

Skills Modules


Microsoft Imagine Cup

The Imagine Cup is a 6 month start-up challenge that Microsoft puts on twice a year where the top contenders legitimately bag thousands of dollars (up to $15k this year I believe), and they often produce a professional advertisement for your idea. Not to mention the free publicity, mentorship, and opportunity to expand your product and gain customers. Deadline is December 15th and they accept rough ideas and prototypes. You can definitely apply if you have a rough idea or just a prototype and not a full-fledged final product.

Apply here

Additional links:

NEST Contest

The CS NEST Contest has a simple goal: i.e. to encourage creative software development. You can work on any project of your choosing (e.g. develop desktop, web, mobile software, or software for a robot) and enter it into the contest. You can even use the contest as a way of launching your own business, as some past NEST winners have done! The contest culminates with the Contest Day in April. On the Contest day participants present their projects to a panel: the winners walk away with thousands of dollars in prize money, and everyone walks away with an amazing experience in building something from scratch and seeing it all the way through - a skill that will serve you well in your career.

NEST website

Deadline to register your team is on December 15th.

Equipment Needs for Open House =

  • Each Project needs to determine the equipment they need to demo at the Open House. Please use the spreadsheet below. Please complete by 11/25.
  • Equipment Needs Spreadsheet

Demonstration Projects Need Student to for Open House

The following products need students to setup, create posters, and demonstrate at the Dec. 11 Open House. A Prize is awarded for the best demonstration.Contact Dr.Yen by Wed. Nov. 18 if you are interested.

  • Amazon Echo - Voice control
  • Occulus Rift/Leap Motion - VR with hand/finger interaction.
  • Smart/Connected Home System
  • Mindwave EEG system - Mind Controlof devices
  • Novint Falcon - 3D haptic/touch controller
  • Affectiva - Facial expression recognition
  • Beacon/Estimote sensors - Retail Application

Mid-Term Presentation Guidelines

  • This is Mandatory for all teams
  • The Mid-term presentation is an informal practice presentation of what you will be presenting at the open house.
  • Use the Open House Poster template (available on the IoT Lab Wiki) as your presentation (not a slide deck). No need to print the poster. It will be just projected on the screen.
  • Work on your "elevator pitch", a short clear explanation of your project. What problem you are solving, how and what valve and benefit it can bring to the user/society.
  • In addition to your "elevator pitch" describe the IoT technology used in your project and how it is used to make your project work.
  • The total presentation is to be done in less than 7 min, leave 1min for questions.
  • Presentation order is on voluntary basis.
  • Email the poster slide to Dr. Yen ( by 2pm Wednesday.
  • Email Dr. Yen if you have any question about the presentation.

PowerPoint Poster Template for Open House and Mid-Term Presentation

10/14/2015 Student Working Session

Alfonso and Tom spoke with all the teams in attendance and are in general comfortable with the teams progress. The teams that have not finalized your Bill of Materials should contact Tom ASAP to get guidance for completion. Remember the next Student Working Sesdion is the Mid-term presentation. Also, please post a photo of your team with member captions in the project wikis. This will help with matching faces to names.

Boot camp Round 2

The boot camps are scheduled for Saturday 10/10 and Sunday 10/11 4pm - 8pm, and Monday 10/12 5pm - 9pm, in ME3153. Please sign-up using the link below. Use your NetID login to access the sign-up list NOT your personal Google login. Remember, you need to complete the boot camp to get full access to the lab and its equipment.

9/30/2015 Student Working Session Kick-Off

We had a great attendance at the First Student Working Session and Pizza Social. The students were excited to get started on their projects. If you were unable to attend, please look over the slides, and see the Lab assistants during office hours to learn how to use the Lab wiki to document your project.

Contact Information and Office Hours

  • Thomas Yen: Wednesdays 3-4pm; ECB2118;
  • Mona Jalal: Tuesdays 4-8pm; Wednesday 3-7pm; ME3153;
  • Emmanuel Contreras Guzmán: Tuesdays, Thursdays 2:30pm - 4:30pm; ME3153;
  • Alfonso Gutierrez; ME4158;

Parts Vendors

Link To Inventory

Projects Fall 2015

Useful Technical Information, Pages and Links

Layout Draft

Leap Motion
Leap Motion

Microsoft Kinect
  • The Microsoft Kinect is a device that allows skeletal and environmental tracking through the use of its many sensors which include two cameras,infrared sensors, infrared LED, and microphone.
Car On-Board Diagnostics (OBDLink MX)
  • The OBDlinkMX is a device that interfaces with your cards computer system. It reads the diagnostic information of your car and forwards it to an android device or a computer via bluetooth.

Other Useful Pages and Links

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